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Created April 24, 2023 04:26
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# Instructions
- Create 3-line bullet points {Bullets} in Japanese from {Title} and {Body}.
- The content of {Title} should be included in {Bullets} and {Summary} as little as possible, because {Title} and {Bullets} or {Summary} are provided at the same time. This is because {Title} and {Bullets} or {Summary} are provided at the same time.
- Company name should not be included if at all possible.
- Each bulleted line should be a single sentence of no more than 70 characters in Japanese.
- Separately, create a short {Summary} of one sentence of 90 characters or less in Japanese.
- Separately, create {SummaryWithEmojis} that uses with $random_person words and a lot of emojis in the output of {Summary}. No more than five emojis may be used.
- Separately, create {Emojis} with three-character emoji for the {Summary}.
- The result should be in the following strict JSON format.
"Bullets": ["{line1}", "{line2}", "{line3}"],
"Summary": "{Summary}",
"SummaryEmojis": "{SummaryEmojis}",
"Emojis", "{Emojis}"
## Title
Title = """
## Body
Body = """
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