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Created March 29, 2012 00:55
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Allow vertical scrolling on a horizontal iScroll (touch only)
var point, pointStartX, pointStartY, deltaX, deltaY;
var scroller = new iScroll('scrollerId', {
vScroll: false,
vScrollbar: false,
hScrollbar: false,
snap: 'li',
momentum: false,
onBeforeScrollStart: function(e) {
point = e.touches[0];
pointStartX = point.pageX;
pointStartY = point.pageY;
onBeforeScrollMove: function(e) {
deltaX = Math.abs(point.pageX - pointStartX);
deltaY = Math.abs(point.pageY - pointStartY);
if (deltaX >= deltaY) {
} else {
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agaase commented Oct 9, 2013

This is wonderful. Works!!

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Thanks. This solution helped me to resolve lot of problems related snapping.

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Hi, my friends.

Could you share with me an aproximation adapted to iScroll 5? My problem is "scroll" event doesn't allow to receive the "e" param, and with the renamed event "beforeScrollStart", I can't determine the real direction because in this event these values are always 0,0.
I can get the real direction only on "scroll" and "scrollEnd" events, but I can't stop the propagation or prevent the default behaviour of the scrolling, so when my finger try to move the page in vertical direction, as It's formed of various iScrollers, I only get by clicking on a non-iScolll zone.

Thanks so much!

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bilelz commented May 8, 2014

i found a native solution to allow vertical scroll with iScroll 5 :
source code :

myScroll = new IScroll('#wrapper', { eventPassthrough: true, scrollX: true, scrollY: false, preventDefault: false });

from :

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MattOpen commented Aug 6, 2014

@bilelz, works great in V.5
Thank you

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@bilelz Thanks!!! Works great with 5.0

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@bilelz Thanks

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huanggm commented Mar 23, 2016

@bilelz Thanks! Save me a lot time!

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@bilelz Thank you so much

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@bilelz Thanks, works fine.

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bzin commented Sep 26, 2016

Awesome stuff! Thanks @bilelz

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