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hourback / Exception.rb
Last active Nov 13, 2015 — forked from stuart-warren/Exception.rb
Windows Event log via nxlog (json) -> logstash 1.2 config
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Exception in filterworker {"exception"=>#<NoMethodError: undefined method `[]=' for nil:NilClass>, "backtrace"=>["file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/event.rb:135:in `[]='", "org/jruby/ `call'", "(eval):9:in `exec'", "org/jruby/ `call'", "file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/util/fieldreference.rb:44:in `exec'", "file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/event.rb:134:in `[]='", "file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/filters/mutate.rb:234:in `rename'", "org/jruby/ `each'", "file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/filters/mutate.rb:232:in `rename'", "file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/filters/mutate.rb:205:in `filter'", "(eval):127:in `initialize'", "org/jruby/ `call'", "file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/pipeline.rb:243:in `filter'", "file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/pipeline.rb:191:in `filterworker'", "file:/opt/logstash/logstash.jar!/logstash/pipeline.rb:134:in `start_filters'"], :level=>:
hourback /
Last active Nov 19, 2018
I'm using this to clean up between installations of Ambari and HDP.
ambari-server stop
ambari-server reset
ambari-agent stop
service mysqld stop
service postgresql stop
python /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ambari_agent/
hourback / Input
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Lua decoder for Heka, for reading in WebSphere SystemOut.log files with unrecognized time stamp format
View Input
[4/23/15 4:49:49:371 CDT] 00003a01 CoordinatorCo E HMGR0140E: An event indicating that the core group membership is inconsistent was received. Recovery failed. The exception is serverindex for node janmsdlxwas04 does not contain server celig1_janmsdlxwas04_cnataraj
[4/23/15 4:50:30:005 CDT] 0000002e DiscoveryRcv I DCSV1031I: DCS Stac
hourback / hekad.conf
Created Apr 7, 2015
My Upstart script for starting/stopping hekad on CentOS 6.6
View hekad.conf
description "Heka daemon"
author "Ali Nabavi"
start on runlevel [235]
stop on runlevel [06]
console output
exec /opt/heka/bin/hekad --config=/usr/local/etc/hekad.toml | logger
View hekad.toml
maxprocs = 2
type = "LogstreamerInput"
log_directory = "/var/log"
file_match = 'secure'
decoder = "RsyslogDecoder"
hourback / nxlog
Last active Aug 29, 2015
A SysV init script for nxlog on RHEL 5 box (/etc/init.d/nxlog)
View nxlog
#! /bin/bash
# nxlog Start/Stop the nxlog log handler
# chkconfig: 2345 90 60
# description: nxlog is an open-source, cross-platform log handler.
# processname: nxlog
# config: /usr/local/etc/nxlog/nxlog.conf
# pidfile: /var/run/
# Author: Erik Kristensen
# Email:
# License: MIT
# Nagios Usage: check_nrpe!check_docker_container!_container_id_
# Usage: ./ _container_id_
# The script checks if a container is running.
# OK - running
hourback /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Setting up dev and deployment environment for fanotification
sudo docker run -v /fanotification-webapp-dev -v /fanotification-webapp-deployment -v /fanotification-server-dev -v /fanotification-server-deployment --name my-data busybox true
hourback / add_routes.bat
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Static routes for routing certain requests through friendlier interfaces. The first file is the Windows batch file I originally used, and the second it the Go program I wrote to do the lookup dynamically.
View add_routes.bat
route add mask
route add mask
route add mask
route add mask
route add mask
route add mask
route add mask
route add mask
View gist:471469e58498bc89738a
2014/10/02 22:13:27 Entering PostNotification....
2014/10/02 22:13:27 &{0xc210047240 {<nil>}}
2014/10/02 22:13:27 decoder is: &{0x976c20 [] {[] 0 {<nil> false [] <nil> false 0 <nil> 0} {<nil> false [] <nil> false 0 <nil> 0} <nil
> false} {<nil> false [] <nil> false 0 <nil> 0} <nil>}
2014/10/02 22:13:27 http: panic serving EOF
goroutine 3 [running]:
/usr/lib/go/src/pkg/net/http/server.go:1093 +0xae
runtime.panic(0x651de0, 0xc21000a030)
/usr/lib/go/src/pkg/runtime/panic.c:248 +0x106
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