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@hovissimo hovissimo/Magic Gate

Created Aug 11, 2014
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Magic Gate function for Node-RED, it let's you repeat messages arbitrarily
/* This function node will store the last message it
received as long as msg.payload != "abracadabra".
If this function receives a msg where the payload
exactly equals "abracadabra" then the stored
message will be forwarded.
This function is designed for storing and replaying
messages to help in testing flows. You can use it
by wiring up between two nodes where you want to
control or repeat messages, and also adding an
INJECT input that sends a the magic word in the
context.storedMessage = context.storedMessage || {};
if (msg.payload != "abracadabra") {
context.storedMessage = msg;
} else {
return context.storedMessage;
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