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Last active Jan 13, 2021
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Prevent accidentally committing debug code in Git
# This pre-commit hook will prevent you from committing any line (or filename) containing
# the string NOCOMMIT. Use that tag in comments around source code you want to avoid
# accidentally committing, like temporary IP addresses or debug printfs.
# To add it to an existing repository, save it to .git/hooks/pre-commit (or append, if
# that file already exists). Remember to make executable (chmod +x ...)
# To automatically add this pre-commit hook to every repository you create or clone:
# mkdir -p "$HOME/.git_template/hooks"
# git config --global init.templatedir "$HOME/.git_template"
# cd "$HOME/.git_template/hooks"
# wget
# chmod +x pre-commit
if git diff --cached | grep '^[+d].*NOCOMMIT'; then
echo "Adding line containing NOCOMMIT"
exit 1
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