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hexbin faceted choropleths in R
us <- readOGR("us_states_hexgrid.geojson", "OGRGeoJSON")
centers <-, byid=TRUE), id=us@data$iso3166_2))
us_map <- fortify(us, region="iso3166_2")
intensity <- c(D0="Abnormally Dry", D1="Moderate Drought", D2="Severe Drought",
D3="Extreme Drought", D4="Exceptional Drought")
today <- format(Sys.Date(), "%Y%m%d")
read_csv(sprintf("", today)) %>%
gather(drought_level, value, D0, D1, D2, D3, D4) %>%
levels=as.character(intensity), ordered=TRUE)) -> drought
gg <- ggplot()
gg <- gg + geom_map(data=us_map, map=us_map,
aes(x=long, y=lat, map_id=id),
color="white", size=0.5)
gg <- gg + geom_map(data=drought, map=us_map,
aes(fill=value, map_id=State))
gg <- gg + geom_map(data=drought, map=us_map,
fill="#ffffff", alpha=0, color="white",
gg <- gg + geom_text(data=centers, aes(label=id, x=x, y=y), color="white", size=4)
gg <- gg + scale_fill_distiller(name="State\nDrought\nCoverage", palette="RdPu", na.value="#7f7f7f",
labels=sprintf("%d%%", c(0, 25, 50, 75, 100)))
gg <- gg + coord_map()
gg <- gg + facet_wrap(~intensity, ncol=2)
gg <- gg + labs(x=NULL, y=NULL, title=sprintf("U.S. Drought Conditions as of %s\n", Sys.Date()))
gg <- gg + theme_bw()
gg <- gg + theme(plot.title=element_text(face="bold", hjust=0, size=24))
gg <- gg + theme(panel.border=element_blank())
gg <- gg + theme(panel.margin=unit(3, "lines"))
gg <- gg + theme(panel.grid=element_blank())
gg <- gg + theme(axis.ticks=element_blank())
gg <- gg + theme(axis.text=element_blank())
gg <- gg + theme(strip.background=element_blank())
gg <- gg + theme(strip.text=element_text(face="bold", hjust=0, size=14))
gg <- gg + theme(legend.position=c(0.75, 0.15))
gg <- gg + theme(legend.direction="horizontal")
gg <- gg + theme(legend.title.align=1)
png(sprintf("%s.png", today), width=800, height=800)
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@irichgreen irichgreen commented May 17, 2015


I've got an error message in the line number 9 code.

"us <- readOGR("us_states_hexgrid.geojson", "OGRGeoJSON")"

Error in ogrInfo(dsn = dsn, layer = layer, encoding = encoding, use_iconv = use_iconv, :

GDAL Error 3: Cannot open file 'us_states_hexgrid.geojson'

Could you please resolve it?


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@bnjcbsn bnjcbsn commented May 17, 2015

Curious about this error as well. Interesting topic.


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@hrbrmstr hrbrmstr commented May 21, 2015

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