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Working from home

Harry Williams hrywlms

Working from home
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hrywlms / open_in_steam.js
Last active Mar 8, 2016
Add a button to Steam store pages to open the current page in the native Steam Client
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// ==UserScript==
// @name Open in Steam Client Button
// @include*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
/* jshint -W097 */
'use strict';
$J('.apphub_OtherSiteInfo').after('<div class="apphub_OtherSiteInfo">' +
'<a class="btnv6_blue_hoverfade btn_medium" style="margin-right: 3px;" href="steam://advertise/' + window.location.href.split('app/')[1] +'">' +
hrywlms / EnableAchievements.cs
Created Feb 23, 2016
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Files\Mods\mod_name\Source
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using ICities;
using ColossalFramework;
namespace SkylinesMod
public class EnableAchievements : IUserMod
public string Name
get { return "Enable Achievements"; }
hrywlms / generate sox
Last active Mar 2, 2018
A quick way to generate spectrograms for a bunch of audio files
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### Generate PNG spectrograms using SoX
### Use the input file name as the title within the image as well as the output file name
### Set the width to 2000 (seems to output a ~2140px wide image)
### Generate for FLAC
for file in *.flac;do
sox "$file" -n spectrogram -t "$title_in_pic" -o "$outfile" -x 2000