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Created Feb 10, 2009
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Experiments in revision control: Curry recipe.
My personal recipe for Japanese curry, which has mutated over the years and is
now open-source thanks to github, hot damn. Some of the ingredients are not
very Japanese, but curry came to Japan from England which got it from India to
begin with, so whatever.
1.5 - 2 lbs. of meat, prefer thin-sliced beef (komagire), pork works, too.
Thin-sliced stuff is always best, but in a pinch stewing beef works. Bacon
works surprisingly well. Chicken will work, technically, but if you must,
then use whole drum-sticks (the meat will fall off the bones by the end, and
you can just pull those out of the pot).
0.75 brown onion
1.5 satsumaimo (Really good, but you can substitute regular potatoes and carrots
if you can't find them. It is just not the same and your curry will feel
4-6 pickled peppers, depending on the size.
0.5 bag miso pickled garlic. Regular minced garlic works, too, but it's not as
nice. You'll need about 45g.
Soy sauce
Cooking oil (Sunflower is good. Butter is always a great option, too.)
1.5 boxes Japanese curry blocks (300g). I usually use S&B's spicy curry.
Cayenne pepper
Garlic powder, maybe some Worchestershire sauce
Some Japanese rice
1. Open meat packages, pour some soy sauce so it soaks into the meat while you
get the other stuff ready. It'll keep the meat juicy and delicious.
2. Peel/chop potatoes, same with onion and peppers, put into pot
3. Put some cayenne pepper and the half bag of garlic into the pot along with
the curry blocks.
4. Pour water into the pot, let it sit.
5. Fry up the meat with a little garlic powder and maybe a dash of the
Worchestershire sauce. Curry takes a while, so I usually cook extra meat so
that I can eat it while cooking the curry. Don't over-cook, it's better
when the meat is juicy. High heat, cook it fast.
6. Drain the beef or scoop it into the pot with the spatula. Anyway, get it
into the pot without getting too much grease in with it.
7. Pour some water in, until the pot is about 85% full. You'll probably need
some more water before it's done.
8. Heat the pot to boiling. This'll take a while, it's dense.
9. Reduce heat, stir until curry dissolves.
10. Cover it, occasionally adding water if you need to, keep it stewing for,
like, forever. Like four to six hours forever. Trust me, this is the most
important step and is totally worth it. Two hours is an insufficient amount
of time.
11. It's not done unless the onions have dissolved. Really, it takes forever.
13. At forever minus about 40 minutes, put on the rice so it'll be done in time.
You will have no patience when it's finally done.
14. Get some bowls. Long, shallow bowls are best. Put curry and rice into the
bowls. The curry should be about as thick as gravy, which is different from
Indian curry.
15. Eat it, damn. There's enough for, like, six people. Awesome.
16. Wash your plate when you are done.
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