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Wish: "Read it later" plus "spaced repetition" app for language learners

Update: found something close enough:

Wish: "Read it later" plus "spaced repetition" app for language learners

  • All the usual ways of sending articles to this "Pocket" app: email, browser extensions, the app itself.
  • While reading, select word of phrase, have it translated and added to app as a flashcard. Front: word/phrase highlighted in context; Back: translation + optional notes.
  • Batch mode: toggle batch mode, select multiple words/phrases, have their definitions/translations all added as flashcards.
  • Optionally, go through those new cards right away (as opposed to studying them only in the random-ish order of the whole set's spaced repetition) and, when finished, go back to text. This way you can quickly go through a paragraph in batch mode, mark everything you don't understand, study it, then go back to read it with the necessary vocabulary.
  • When not reading, user can go through flashcards with a spaced repetition algorithm and interface similar to Brainscape's. From a flashcard, the user can easily go to the full article and see it in context.
  • Gamification ideas can be used to help learning.
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