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Change file path for Plex Media
1 Shutdown plex server
2 Backup your data
3 Copy your content to the new location
4 Edit your database. Find the location here:
5 There are 4 edits you'll need to make (change pathing to appropriate values):
UPDATE section_locations
SET root_path= replace(root_path, '/Users/jelwell/Shared', '/Volumes/Movies')
where root_path like '%/Users/jelwell/Shared%'
UPDATE metadata_items
SET guid= replace(guid, 'file:///Users/jelwell/Shared', 'file:///Volumes/Movies')
where guid like '%file:///Users/jelwell/Shared%'
UPDATE media_streams
SET url= replace(url, 'file:///Users/jelwell/Shared', 'file:///Volumes/Movies')
where url like '%file:///Users/jelwell/Shared%'
UPDATE media_parts
SET file= replace(file, '/Users/jelwell/Shared', '/Volumes/Movies')
where file like '%/Users/jelwell/Shared%'
5 Start up Plex Server
6 Verify that everything is working (test loading some of the copied files, note the location of that library changed in plex web settings)
7 Delete the old files.
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