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jaketame / data-media.mount
Last active May 2, 2021
PlexDrive / rclone crypt / overlayfs service files
View data-media.mount
# Install this under /lib/systemd/system
# systemctl enable data-media.mount
# systemctl start data-media.mount
Description=Google Drive (overlay)
View fix windows sonarr db for linux
# you will need to download nzbdrone.db & some type of sqlite editor
# First We Will Update The Series Table
# Replace the slashes
UPDATE Series SET path = replace( path, '\', '/' ) WHERE path LIKE '%:\%';
# K: is the windows drive that your files were on (replace this with whatever drive your files are on, will need to repeat for each
# windows root folder you have in Sonnar), /home/new/path/in/linux is well the new path in linux
UPDATE Series SET path = replace( path, 'K:', '/home/new/path/in/linux' ) WHERE path LIKE 'K:/%';
# Fix slashes in EpisodeFiles table
UPDATE EpisodeFiles SET RelativePath = replace( RelativePath, '\', '/' ) WHERE RelativePath LIKE '%\%';
View Plex Drive Setup - google
#### systemd script (/etc/systemd/system/plexdrive.service):
ExecStart=/usr/bin/plexdrive -fuse-options allow_other -log-level 2 /media/plexdrive/
ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -u /media/plexdrive/
# See:
API_KEY= # Settings > General
ids=$(curl --silent $HOST/api/movie -X GET -H "X-Api-Key: $API_KEY" \
| jq '.[] | select(.monitored == false) | .id')
MarMed /
Last active Jul 10, 2021
Routing plex traffic through an SSH tunnel

Routing plex traffic through an SSH tunnel

This guide creates a reverse SSH tunnel to route all Plex server traffic through it.

Step 2 is done on the tunnel, all other steps are done on the plex server.

1. Setup SSH keys (if you already have key based authenthication setup skip to step 2)

On plex server: