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AdvacedSettings.xml for Kodi with MySQL and other tweaks.
<!-- General Settings -->
<loglevel hide="true">-1</loglevel> <!-- Comment: Disables logging -->
<skiploopfilter>0</skiploopfilter> <!-- Comment: For RPi or similar use 16 or higher (low CPU usage) -->
<!-- MySQL Library -->
<host></host> <!-- Comment: IP Address of MySQL Server -->
<user>xbmc</user> <!-- Comment: MySQL Username -->
<pass>xbmc</pass> <!-- Comment: MySQL Password -->
<!-- Streaming Optimization -->
<buffermode>1</buffermode> <!-- Comment: Default is 1 -->
<cachemembuffersize>52428800</cachemembuffersize> <!-- Comment: Default is 20971520 bytes or 20 MB -->
<readbufferfactor>2.0</readbufferfactor> <!-- Comment: Default is 1.0 -->
<!-- Video Library Tweaks -->
<cleanonupdate>true</cleanonupdate> <!-- Comment: Also clean library during library update -->
<hideallitems>true</hideallitems> <!-- removes the "*All" items from the video library -->
<hideemptyseries>true</hideemptyseries> <!-- hide empty series in the video library -->
<ignoreerrors>true</ignoreerrors> <!-- Set to true to silently ignore errors while scanning videos. This prevents the error dialogue box, so you don't have to keep hitting "yes" to keep scanning.-->
<!-- Playback Tweaks -->
<timeseekforward>15</timeseekforward> <!-- Comment: Skip back time 15 s -->
<timeseekbackward>-15</timeseekbackward> <!-- Comment: Skip forward time 15 s -->
<subsdelayrange>240</subsdelayrange> <!-- Comment: Subtitle offset adjustment range -->
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myssing commented Mar 24, 2015

Is this applicable for RPI2 too?
Specifically skiploopfilter and cachemembuffersize is of interest, tx.

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Shawzborne commented Jun 4, 2016

what does



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