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Debian/Ubuntu-specific termite installation script
#!/usr/bin/env sh
sudo apt-get install -y \
git \
g++ \
libgtk-3-dev \
gtk-doc-tools \
gnutls-bin \
valac \
intltool \
libpcre2-dev \
libglib3.0-cil-dev \
libgnutls28-dev \
libgirepository1.0-dev \
libxml2-utils \
git clone --recursive
git clone
echo export LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/include/gtk-3.0:$LIBRARY_PATH"
cd vte-ng && ./ && make && sudo make install
cd ../termite && make && sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
sudo mkdir -p /lib/terminfo/x; sudo ln -s \
/usr/local/share/terminfo/x/xterm-termite \
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator x-terminal-emulator /usr/local/bin/termite 60
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