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Last active June 28, 2018 23:16
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public class AccountSavingsRecommender {
@Inject RetirementGoalSavingsAllocator retirementAllocator;
Map<Goal, Double> computePvByGoal(Collection<Goal> goals) {...}
Map<Goal, Double> allocateSavingsToGoals(
double savingsToAllocate,
Map<Goal, Double> savingsNeededByGoal) {...}
public class AccountSavingsRecommenderTest {
public void computePvByGoal_retirement() {...}
public void computePvByGoal_home() {...}
public void allocateSavingsToGoals_noSavingsToAllocate() {...}
public void allocateSavingsToGoals_excessSavingsToAllocate() {...}
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