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Last active Jun 28, 2018

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public class AccountSavingsRecommenderIntegrationTest {
private static final LocalDate today = new LocalDate(2018, 6, 25);
private AccountSavingsRecommender getRecommender() {
AccountSavingsRecommender recommender = new AccountSavingsRecommender();
RetirementGoalSavingsAllocator retirementAllocator = new RetirementGoalSavingsAllocator(); = today;
RetirementAccountSelector accountSelector = new RetirementAccountSelector();
accountSelector.setAccountTypes(ImmutableList.of(Type.R_401_K, Type.IRA, Type.TAXABLE, Type.EXTERNAL_BROKERAGE));
retirementAllocator.accountSelector = accountSelector;
recommender.retirementAllocator = retirementAllocator;
HomeGoalSavingsAllocator homeAllocator = new HomeGoalSavingsAllocator();
// similarly, wire the homeAllocator and the other goal allocators
return recommender;
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