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htvu / gist:5355432
Created Apr 10, 2013
New feature for OptionTree: Show/hide options base on other option selection.
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// Options toggler hanlder
// To turn on/off other options base on toggler selection
function initOptionToggler() {
$(document).delegate('.yk-toggler', 'click', function(){
var toggler_name = $(this).attr("name").replace("option_tree[","").replace("]","");
var toggler_value = $(".yk-toggler[name*="+toggler_name+"]:checked").val();
// Turn off all .yk-toggle-able fields
htvu / gist:5355294
Created Apr 10, 2013
New Media Upload for OptionTree
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// Check for WP 3.5. wp object only available in WP 3.5
if (typeof wp !== 'undefined') {
OT_UI.init_upload = function() {
var _custom_media = true,
_orig_send_attachment =;
$('.ot_upload_media').live('click', function(event) {
var field_id = $(this).parent('.option-tree-ui-upload-parent').find('input').attr('id'),
post_id = $(this).attr('rel'),
btnContent = '';
htvu / gist:5276880
Created Mar 30, 2013
Enhaced code for OptionTree's CSS option type.
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* Inserts CSS with field_id markers.
* Inserts CSS into a dynamic.css file, placing it between
* BEGIN and END field_id markers. Replaces existing marked info,
* but still retains surrounding data.
* @param string $field_id The CSS option field ID.
* @param array $options The current option_tree array.
* @return bool True on write success, false on failure.