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class HelloWorldController < AbstractController::Base
include AbstractController::Rendering
include AbstractController::Layouts
include AbstractController::Helpers
include AbstractController::Translation
include AbstractController::AssetPaths
include ActionController::UrlWriter
# Uncomment if you want to use helpers defined in ApplicationHelper in your views
# helper ApplicationHelper
# Make sure your controller can find views
self.view_paths = "app/views"
# You can define custom helper methods to be used in views here
# helper_method :current_admin
# def current_admin; nil; end
def show
render template: "hello_world/show"
# or, for partials:
# render partial: "hello_world/show"
<h1>Hello, World!</h1>
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# From your model, observer or library, call:
# => "<h1>Hello, World!</h1>\n"

This doesn't seem to work for partials.

I have updated the gist. Looks like you have to call render method now -- both versions (template and partial) work for me on 3.0.4

please let me know if it doesn't work...

I had to call it the old fashioned way by going 'render :partial => "hello_world/show"'

Another GOTCHA is you'll need to set this: self.assets_dir = '/app/public' if you want to use something like image_tag in your views

yes, pretty sure both are expected behaviors

I want to render with the assets, I have to do anything else?

any idea how to get this to work on Rails 3.2, specifically with proper digested asset urls? The above code doesn't work with rails 3.2

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