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Convert a section of a YouTube video to an animated GIF
# brew install x265
# brew install ffmpeg
# brew install youtube-dl
# brew install imagemagick
ID='U65_uY5N2WM' # YouTube video ID, i.e.{ID}
# fetch the video file with youtube-dl
# convert it to MP4 (not really needed, but keeps the filename predictable)
if [ ! -f $ID.mp4 ]; then
youtube-dl --output '%(id)s.%(ext)s' --recode-video mp4 $ID
# convert the video file to GIF with ffmpeg
START='00:00:04.000' # start 4 seconds in
LENGTH='00:00:05.000' # end after 5 seconds
SIZE='400x300' # size of the output GIF
ffmpeg -ss $START -i $ID.mp4 -pix_fmt rgb8 -r 10 -s $SIZE -t $LENGTH $ID-unoptimized.gif
# optimize the GIF with imagemagick
convert -layers Optimize $ID-unoptimized.gif $ID.gif
# credits:
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uniring commented Mar 2, 2018

You can improve the performance a lot using this line:

ffmpeg -i $(youtube-dl -f 18 --get-url$ID) -ss $START -t $LENGTH -c:v copy -c:a copy $ID.mp4

Instead of:

youtube-dl --output '%(id)s.%(ext)s' --recode-video mp4 $ID

And having defined START and LENGTH variables before this part.

This will avoid downloading and recoding the entire video. For a video of 4 minutes this reduced the time to make the gif from ~80sec to 6sec.

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5pid3rm3n commented Apr 27, 2018

  • Awesome gist: done

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I use Allavsoft to do that. Copy the video url to Allavsoft, check before Automatically Convert to to select GIF from animation option and click Download button.

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