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hugoQ1 / .gitattributes
Created August 3, 2022 08:57 — forked from dpalomar/.gitattributes
Fixing CRLF with gitattributes
From this [issue](
I know that this issue is closed, but as I spent a lot of time to understand what was going on, I made some researches and I can explain why this happen, and you can fix it.
Using git config core.autocrlf true can help, but not on a multi-developpers project.
This command has to be the same on each developper machine, and that's not always the case.
You have to use the .gitattributes provided in the puphpet archive and edit it as follow (carefull, this file need to be in your project root)
You also need to use an IDE that allow you to save/edit files as LF (like phpstorm). You can check the type of the file in the bottom right corner, in the status bar (you'll see LF or CRLF while a file is opened)
hugoQ1 /
Created January 25, 2022 02:56 — forked from h4cc/
All symbols used in the elixir programming language

Symbols used in Elixir

A list of all not symbols and notations of elixir. Tried to have a base for comparision for other programming languages.


  • === (strict)
  • !== (strict)
  • == (relaxed)