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Template for interactive bash scripts: supports command line options with values; prompts for any missing parameters/arguments… See the original at
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Created by Hugo Ferreira <> on isoD
# Licensed under the MIT License:
set -u # treat unset variables as errors
readonly BASEDIR=$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && pwd) # where the script is located
readonly CALLDIR=$(pwd) # where it was called from
readonly SUCCESS=0 # exit status of bash commands
# Script configuration
readonly CONSTANT="value"
# Script functions
usage () {
echo "Description of the script.
$(basename $0) [options] param
-a, -b explanation of option a (alias b)
-n value explanation of option n with value
-h this usage help text
param description of the parameter
$(basename $0) -a -n 1 something"
exit ${1:-0}
ask_if_empty () {
local value="$1"
local default="$2"
local message="$3"
local options="${4:-}" # pass "-s" for passwords
if [[ -z "$value" ]]; then
read $options -p "$message [$default] " value
echo "${value:-$default}"
check_something () {
[[ -z "" ]] && (echo "Error: Something is missing"; exit 1)
# Function calling with positional parameters:
# $ example_positional some "foo bar"
# 1st=some 2nd=foo bar 3rd=
example_positional () {
local -r readonly=$1
local writable=$2
local optional="${3:-}"
echo "1st=$readonly 2nd=$writable 3rd=$optional"
# Function calling with named parameters:
# $ example_named name=some param="foo bar"
# 1st=some 2nd=foo bar 3rd=default
example_named () {
local name param another
local "$@"
local another=${another:-default}
echo "1st=$name 2nd=$param 3rd=$another"
# Exit with usage if no params received
[[ ! "$*" ]] && usage 1
# Go home...
# Parse options
n_value="default value if option is missing"
while getopts abn:h option; do
case $option in
a|b) is_flag=1 ;;
n) n_value=$OPTARG ;;
h) usage ;;
\?) usage 1 ;;
shift $(($OPTIND - 1)); # take out the option flags
# Set inputs
parameter=$(ask_if_empty "${1:-}" "default value" "Enter the parameter value:" "")
echo $parameter
# Validate
# Do the work
: # noop
read -p "Press any key to continue..." -n1 -s

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