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Created April 26, 2024 10:09
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Plan for the Junior Lawyer:

  1. Identify Relevant High-Risk Categories:

    • Analyze Annex III for high-risk AI systems to see if the language model fits under any listed categories.
  2. Examine Requirements for High-Risk AI Systems:

    • Look at Articles 8-15 to understand general requirements for high-risk AI systems.
  3. Assess Transparency Obligations:

    • Read Article 13 to comprehend the transparency requirements for high-risk AI systems that may apply to the language model.
  4. Evaluate Data and Data Governance:

    • Review Article 10 for data governance requirements directly applicable to the language model, given the likely processing of personal/sensitive data.
  5. Explore Human Oversight Regulations:

    • Investigate Article 14 to understand human oversight requirements and how they might be implemented for the language model.
  6. Scope of Human-Machine Interaction:

    • Refer to Recital 39 considering AI systems' potential high-risk use for profiling or similar law enforcement objectives that may apply to the language model's optimization tasks.
  7. Review Definitions and Key Concepts:

    • Go through Article 3 to ensure clear understanding of key terms related to AI systems, data, and human oversight.
  8. Assess the Obligation to Inform:

    • Check Article 52 for any obligations to inform individuals interacting with the AI system, which could be relevant for UI elements of tools incorporating the language model.
  9. Compile Conclusions and Recommendations:

    • Gather findings from the review of the AI Act, assessing the likelihood of the language model being considered a high-risk AI system and detailing necessary compliance measures like transparency and accuracy protocols, as well as human oversight mechanisms.
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