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Last active Dec 11, 2020
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A LaTeX template for the P2 proposal of the MSc Geomatics
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} %-- pour utiliser des accents en français
\setcapindent{1em} %-- for captions of Figures
\title{My P2 template}
Hugo Ledoux\\
student \#123456 \\
1st supervisor: Jan Smit \\
2nd supervisor: Gerard Joling \\
% external supervisor: Pietje de Piet \\
\date{November 13, 2016}
An introduction in which the relevance of the project and its place in the context of geomatics is described, along with a clearly-defined problem statement.
\section{Related work}
A related work section in which the relevant literature is presented and linked to the project.
\section{Research questions}
The research questions are clearly defined, along with the scope (ie what you will not be doing).
To help you define a ``good" research question, read \url{}.
% \citet{Smith03} cites something as a noun, and it's also possible to put the references between parentheses at the end of at sentence~\citep{Smith03}
Overview of the methodology to be used.
\section{Time planning}
Having a Gantt chart is probably a better idea then just a list.
\section{Tools and datasets used}
Since specific data and tools have to be used, it’s good to present these concretely, so that the mentors know that you have a grasp of all aspects of the project.
\bibliography{myreferences} %-- path of myreferences.bib
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