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Last active March 26, 2023 16:57
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Shell script for converting a batch of *.md files into *.rst using pandoc.
# This script was created to convert a directory full
# of markdown files into rst equivalents. It uses
# pandoc to do the conversion.
# 1. Install pandoc from
# 2. Copy this script into the directory containing the .md files
# 3. Ensure that the script has execute permissions
# 4. Run the script
# By default this will keep the original .md file
for f in $FILES
# extension="${f##*.}"
echo "Converting $f to $filename.rst"
`pandoc $f -t rst -o $filename.rst`
# uncomment this line to delete the source file.
# rm $f
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Ta for letting me be super lazy. Using this to convert md for sphinx docs.

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zire commented Mar 22, 2014

Thank you! This is very helpful.

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Thanks for this script! Very helpful 👍

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How to save and run script ?

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muchos gracias

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maazghani commented Sep 4, 2018

I love github @hugorodgerbrown for president

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When I run this I get "open binary file does not exist". help?

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@rachrobts Probably spaces in your filenames.

Try adding double-quotes: `pandoc "$f" -t rst -o "docx/$filename.rst"`

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