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draft idea: Telepathy Tubes For N9, N900

This idea:

Share everything that is possible with one N9 or N900 over telepathy tubes.

The main objective is simple, store more information/service in cellphone then get access anywhere.

If this all work we can make something like 'wireless/wired dock' for this cellphones.

Suggested tubes:

  • Telepathy it self (is possible?)
  • Contacts (it's use telepathy?)
  • SMS / MMS / IM (it use telepathy?)
  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Calendar / Tasks / Notes
  • Navigator Bookmarks / History / Tabs
  • Music Streams (like banshee-extension do)
  • Control Connectinos (switch on/off 3g/wi-fi)

How maybe this works to user:

User create one 'people nearby' in cellphone and other in pc, then start sharing tubes, pc app connect to this tubes.


  • Don't need reconfigure your accounts in any computer that you will use.
  • Don't need to touch cellphone to make one call / send messages.
  • Don't require clound services.
  • Don't need sync, information goes always in the same place.
  • Don't require logoff in cellphone to reconnect in pc
  • Good implementation make it possible pc/pc


  • Overload network
  • Require more from your cell (space/meomory/cpu/battery)
  • I don't know about security

More suggestions?

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