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Created May 9, 2017
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# This file is automatically generated by the fish.
# Do NOT edit it directly, your changes will be overwritten.
SET __fish_classic_git_prompt_initialized:\x1d
SET __fish_init_1_50_0:\x1d
SET __fish_init_2_39_8:\x1d
SET __fish_init_2_3_0:\x1d
SET fish_color_autosuggestion:FFC473
SET fish_color_command:FF9400
SET fish_color_comment:A63100
SET fish_color_cwd:green
SET fish_color_cwd_root:red
SET fish_color_end:FF4C00
SET fish_color_error:FFDD73
SET fish_color_escape:cyan
SET fish_color_history_current:cyan
SET fish_color_host:normal
SET fish_color_match:cyan
SET fish_color_normal:normal
SET fish_color_operator:cyan
SET fish_color_param:FFC000
SET fish_color_quote:BF9C30
SET fish_color_redirection:BF5B30
SET fish_color_search_match:\x2d\x2dbackground\x3dpurple
SET fish_color_selection:\x2d\x2dbackground\x3dpurple
SET fish_color_status:red
SET fish_color_user:green
SET fish_color_valid_path:\x2d\x2dunderline
SET_EXPORT fish_greeting:
SET fish_key_bindings:fish_default_key_bindings
SET fish_pager_color_completion:normal
SET fish_pager_color_description:555\x1eyellow
SET fish_pager_color_prefix:cyan
SET fish_pager_color_progress:cyan
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