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Every single freshman CS question in ˜80 lines of Scala
import Stream._
object Curryfication {
def curry [A,B,C](f:Pair[A,B] C) = (x:A) (y:B) f (x,y)
def uncurry [A,B,C](f: A B C) = (x:Pair[A,B]) f (x._1) (x._2)
trait Curried[S,R] {
type Fun
def curry : (S R) Fun
class CurriedDefault {
implicit def ZeroC[S,R] = new Curried[S,R]{
type Fun = S R
def curry = f f
object Curried extends CurriedDefault{
def apply[S,R] (f:S R) (implicit c:Curried[S,R]) : c.Fun =
implicit def SuccC[T,S,R] (implicit c:Curried[S,R]) =
new Curried[Pair[T,S],R] {
type Fun = T c.Fun
def curry = f x c.curry(y f(x,y))
trait Uncurried [S] {
type Tuple
type Return
def uncurry : S Tuple Return
class UncurriedDefault {
implicit def ZeroUC[S] = new Uncurried[S S]{
type Tuple = S
type Return = S
def uncurry = f f
object Uncurried extends UncurriedDefault{
def apply[S] (f:S) (implicit uc:Uncurried[S]) : uc.Tuple uc.Return =
implicit def SuccUC[S,R] (implicit uc:Uncurried[R]) =
new Uncurried[S R]{
type Tuple = Pair[S,uc.Tuple]
type Return = uc.Return
def uncurry = f x uc.uncurry(f (x._1)) (x._2)
trait RecStream [S,Base] {
def prod : (S Base) S Pair[Base, S]
def rstream : (S Base) S Stream[Base]
class RecStreamDefault {
implicit def ZeroRS[S] = new RecStream[S,S] {
def prod = xs ss (ss, xs (ss))
def rstream = xs ss ss #:: rstream (xs) (xs(ss))
object RecStream extends RecStreamDefault {
def apply[S,B](f:S B) (implicit rs:RecStream[S,B]): S Stream[B] =
implicit def SuccRS[R,B] (implicit rs:RecStream[R,B]) =
new RecStream[Pair[B,R],B] {
def prod = f a (a._1, (y f (a._1,y)) (a._2))
def rstream = f a
a._1 #:: rstream (f) ( (y f (a._1,y)) (a._2))
object Test{
def increaser : Int Stream[Int] =
RecStream((x:Int) x + 1)
def fibonacci : Pair[Int,Int] Stream [Int] =
RecStream(x x._1 + x._2)
def sumthree (x:Int)(y:Int)(z:Int) = x+y+z
// def sumthreestream = RecStream(sumthree)
def uncst = Uncurried(sumthree _)
def sumthreestream = RecStream(uncst)
def curriedsumthreestream = Curried(sumthreestream)
def main(args:Array[String]) = {
print ("\n")
print ("\n")
print ("\n")
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