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Last active Nov 3, 2020
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Readme for @ModeAttract

Attract Mode README

Twitter: @ModeAttract

Author: @HunterBridges


Attract Mode is a bot which runs this sequence at regular intervals:

  1. Selects a random fighting game from the pool of active games
  2. Generates a random matchup based on the characters in that game
  3. Uses the BizHawk emulator to invoke a CPU vs. CPU match of the given characters in the selected game
  4. Captures the match footage, trims, and transcodes the video using ffmpeg
  5. Uses a version of this Python script to post the resulting video to Twitter

Supported Games

With links to tweets featuring each game

Active (10)

Games which are supported and currently in circulation on the bot.

Inactive (1)

Games which are supported, but are not currently in circulation.

TODO (2)

Games which are not yet supported, but are confirmed to fit the criteria for support.

  • Virtua Fighter Kids (Sega Saturn) req. by @Rlan2
  • Goiken Muyou: Anarchy in the Nippon (Sega Saturn) req. by @Rlan2

Game Requests

If you would like to request a game to be added to the bot, please ensure it passes the qualifications before requesting:

  1. The game must be among the supported systems for BizHawk. This is generally consoles up through N64, and handhelds up through Game Boy Advance. Unfortunately, neither MAME nor more recent consoles are currently supported by the bot. (However, if you have resources for other scriptable TAS emulators which support other systems, I am open to hearing about them!)
  2. The game must be able to somehow invoke a CPU vs. CPU match. The easiest way is if the game simply has a selectable mode where you can do this. However, if it is possible to invoke a CPU vs. CPU match via memory manipulation, as well as select characters/stages, that is also acceptable.
  3. The game must be able to support a 1v1 matchup. The bot's selection system does not currently support multiplayer or tag team matchups (Although this may be added in the future)

If your desired game fits these criteria, please send a DM to the @ModeAttract account containing:

  • Title of desired game
  • System of desired game
  • Detailed instructions on how to invoke the 1v1 CPU vs. CPU mode

There are lots of great fighting games out there, and hopefully one day the bot will be advanced enough to support them all! In the meantime, this is a weekend project, so please be patient as the bot improves :)

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