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Last active Aug 29, 2019
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The DAML example used in the HaskellerZ meeting on August 29th, 2019.
daml 1.2
module BikeShop where
import DA.Date
import DA.Time
template Template t => Proposal t with
proposer: Party
receiver: Party
proposal: t
signatory proposer
observer receiver
choice Accept: ContractId t
controller receiver
create proposal
choice Reject: ()
controller receiver
pure ()
data Currency = USD | EUR | GBP | CHF
deriving (Eq, Show)
template Cash with
issuer: Party
owner: Party
currency: Currency
amount: Decimal
signatory [issuer, owner]
ensure amount > 0.0
choice Split: (ContractId Cash, ContractId Cash) with
splitAmount: Decimal
controller owner
assert $ 0.0 < splitAmount && splitAmount < amount
cashId1 <- create this with amount = splitAmount
cashId2 <- create this with amount = amount - splitAmount
pure (cashId1, cashId2)
choice Transfer: ContractId Cash with
newOwner: Party
controller [owner, newOwner]
create this with owner = newOwner
template instance CashProposal = Proposal Cash
template BikeRepair with
bikeShop: Party
bikeOwner: Party
description: Text
price: Decimal -- in CHF
paymentDue: Date
signatory [bikeShop, bikeOwner]
choice Pay: () with
cashId: ContractId Cash
controller bikeOwner
cash <- fetch cashId
assert $ cash.currency == CHF && cash.amount == price
exercise cashId Transfer with newOwner = bikeShop
pure ()
choice Notice: () with
controller bikeShop
assertAfter (time (addDays paymentDue 1) 0 0 0)
-- TODO: Do something!
pure ()
template instance BikeRepairProposal = Proposal BikeRepair
test = scenario do
bank <- getParty "SwissBank"
martin <- getParty "Martin"
bikeShop <- getParty "BikeShop"
let cash = Cash with
issuer = bank
owner = martin
currency = CHF
amount = 200.0
chf200PropId <- submit bank do
create Proposal with
proposer = bank
receiver = martin
proposal = cash
chf200Id <- submit martin do
exercise chf200PropId Accept
let bikeRepair = BikeRepair with
bikeOwner = martin
description = "Fix brakes"
price = 50.0
paymentDue = date 2019 Sep 15
bikeRepairPropId <- submit bikeShop do
create Proposal with
proposer = bikeShop
receiver = martin
proposal = bikeRepair
bikeRepairId <- submit martin do
exercise bikeRepairPropId Accept
(chf50Id, chf150Id) <- submit martin do
exercise chf200Id Split with splitAmount = 50.0
submit martin do
exercise bikeRepairId Pay with cashId = chf50Id
pure ()
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