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Last active Sep 10, 2017
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#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
// Down Casting an unsigned long to an unsigned char
unsigned long a = 257;
printf("%lu == %d \n", a, (unsigned char)a);
// Output: 257 == 1
// This is obviously not true, but there are not enough bits in a
// char (8 bits) to hold 257, so it will carry over the extra into the value
// Upcasting a signed negative char into an unsigned long value
char b = -1;
printf("%d == %lu \n", b, (unsigned long)b);
// Output: -1 == 18446744073709551615
// This is obviously not true, but since computers represent signed negative
// numbers as ones compliment, the -1 signed char will be represented like
// in binary like this: 11111110
// During this operation, there is an underflow.
return 0;
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