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Typical buildout configuration to add support for Supervisor process control system
parts +=
recipe = collective.recipe.supervisor
plugins = superlance
user = admin
password = admin
programs =
10 zeoserver (startsecs=5) ${buildout:bin-directory}/zeoserver
20 instance1 (startsecs=30) ${buildout:bin-directory}/instance1 [console] ${instance1:location} true
20 instance2 (startsecs=30) ${buildout:bin-directory}/instance2 [console] ${instance2:location} true
groups = 20 app instance1,instance2
eventlisteners =
memmon TICK_60 ${buildout:bin-directory}/memmon [-g app=1GB]
httpok1 (startsecs=600) TICK_3600 ${buildout:bin-directory}/httpok [-p app:instance1 -t 30]
httpok2 (startsecs=600) TICK_3600 ${buildout:bin-directory}/httpok [-p app:instance2 -t 30]
logfile_maxbytes = 10MB
logfile_backups = 7
loglevel = info
recipe = z3c.recipe.usercrontab
times = @reboot
command = ${buildout:directory}/bin/supervisord
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