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hwchiu/ Secret

Created June 25, 2014 02:48
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Network topology
from mininet.topo import Topo
class MininetTopo(Topo):
def __init__(self,**opts):
Topo.__init__(self, **opts)
host1 = self.addHost('h1')
host2 = self.addHost('h2')
host3 = self.addHost('h3')
host4 = self.addHost('h4')
host5 = self.addHost('h5')
host6 = self.addHost('h6')
host7 = self.addHost('h7')
host8 = self.addHost('h8')
host9 = self.addHost('h9')
host10 = self.addHost('h10')
self.switch = {}
for s in range(1,6):
self.switch[s-1] = self.addSwitch('s%s' %(s))
self.addLink(self.switch[0], self.switch[1])
self.addLink(self.switch[0], self.switch[2])
self.addLink(self.switch[0], self.switch[3])
self.addLink(self.switch[4], self.switch[1])
self.addLink(self.switch[4], self.switch[2])
self.addLink(self.switch[4], self.switch[3])
#Adding host
self.addLink(self.switch[0], host1)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host2)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host3)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host4)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host5)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host6)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host7)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host8)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host9)
self.addLink(self.switch[4], host10)
topos = {'group':(lambda:MininetTopo())}
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