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Cabs Doc

Cab Service Based Project Doc


  • To book vehicle to visit places near by Bangalore.

    • People can book vehicles without any registration by using their mobile numbers.

    • In first page, they can enter place details as follows:

      1. pick up location

      2. drop location

      3. start date

      4. end date (expected)

      5. pick up time

    After that, they can see the list of available vehicles with mini details and images.

    They can pick/choose the vehicle they want to book.

    Once they chose the vehicle, in next page they will see major details including bigger image view.

    Now once they are okay with all, they can click on Book now button to finalize the process of bokking.

    As this does not need any registration, we have to collect extra information from user.

    1. Fullname
    2. Contact number 

    After entering this mini detail, an OTP will be sent to your entered mobile number.

    and you will see a pop-up box asking to enter the sent OTP.

    When you enter correct OTP, your booking information, with your fullname wil be sent to vehicle service provider.

    And then they will call you, ask for payment and do the further process they want to facilitate you.


  • No registration

  • So people who don't any app installed/account can book (don't consider fake mobile numbers here)

  • You can book a vehicle for a slot (weeks, months etc.)




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