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Why not learn eLisp for Emacs in 2011?
Interested in learning eLisp for Emacs, ever thought you should?
I wanted to learn eLisp but there are no decent beginners' book - so I decided to write one - and by decent I mean super-basic starting assuming you know nothing at all.
It is my 'official' side-project; something to work on when I am bored or blocked in my main work.
You can see how much progress I have made here:
The book will get written quicker if other people muck in.
If you are a programmer with NO EXPERIENCE of Lisp:
* EITHER download the book, do the lessons and give me feedback
* OR (better!) checkout the git repository, do the lessons and START WRITING NEW ONES
If you are an experienced Lisp/eLisp programmer:
* read the book, do the lessons and point out egregious errors, misconceptions, poor style and the many other failings it has
I have set up a mailing list:
The git repository is at:
I am
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