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Created Sep 25, 2015
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Native Implementation in Rust
extern crate libc;
extern crate jni;
use libc::c_void;
use std::ptr;
use jni::native::*;
use jni::helper::*;
pub extern fn Java_org_github_hyunsik_NativeInvoke_procedure(jre: *mut JNIEnv,
class: *const c_void) {
println!("Invoked native method, jre: {:p}, class: {:p}", jre, class);
unsafe {
let v = ((**jre).GetVersion)(jre);
println!(">> version: {:?}", v);
pub extern fn Java_org_github_hyunsik_NativeInvoke_stringArg(jre: *mut JNIEnv,
class: *const c_void, name: jstring) {
unsafe {
let string = ((**jre).GetStringUTFChars)(jre, name, ptr::null_mut());
println!("{}", chars_to_str(string));
((**jre).ReleaseStringUTFChars)(jre, name, string);
pub extern fn Java_org_github_hyunsik_NativeInvoke_returnString(jre: *mut JNIEnv,
class: *const c_void) -> jstring {
unsafe {
return str_to_jstring(jre, "jni native");
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