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About Me

Name: Seiya Ishibashi
Date of Birth: 5th May 1983
Nationality: Japan
Address: MinatoCity Tokyo Japan
Skype: i-saint1

Work Experience

2014- Unity Technologies Japan

  • 2014-
    Field Engineer

2011-2014 Square Enix

  • 2013-2014 Final Fantasy XV
    System Progamming, Optimization

  • 2012-2013 Luminous Studio (Game Engine)
    System Progamming, Optimization

  • 2011-2012 Agni's Philosophy (Technology Demo)
    System Programming, Optimization

2009-2011 From Software

  • 2010-2011 In-house Game Engine
    System Progamming, Graphics Programming, Optimization
    (My name was listed in Dark Souls' staff roll)

  • 2009-2010 Monhan Nikki Pokapoka Airu Mura (PSP. published only in japan)
    Gameplay Programmer

2007-2009 GFi net

  • Online transaction systems
    Web Programmer


  • Unite 2015 Tokyo Session "Render Massive Amount of Objects in Unity"

  • TokyoDemoFest 2015 "blue impulse"
    PC demo. movie & source

  • CEDEC 2014 Session "Live Coding in C++"

Private Projects

I'm writing many code in my free time. These would be good indication for my skill. These are notable ones:

  • Alcantarea / DynamicPatcher (2013)

    DynamicPatcher is a library that allow you to apply C++ code changes to running programs. Alcantarea is a Visual Studio Add-in that is improved DynamicPatcher with add-in forms. Alcantarea allow you to apply C++ code changes without integrating external libraries.
    DynamicPatcher is used by Riot Games.

  • atomic (2012- work in progress)

    Atomic is a shmup featured fluid simulation. Pull the fluid and wash enemies away!
    Notable features: Fluid simulation (SPH), Deferred shading, Raymarching (for background), built-in HTTP server (for implement level editor by HTML and javascript / WebGL, and allow othter players to control enemies via browser)

  • exception (2007-2008)

    Exception is a shmup featured massive amout of particles. Break enemies into fragments, blow them into other enemies, and make Kessler Syndrome!
    This game was published as an arcade game by Success and Taito (arcade version).

Technical Skills

  • Deep understanding of C/C++ (10+ years experience)
  • Low level programming (basic assembler skill (x86/64), experience and knowledge of compiler and toolchains, basic knowledge of OS)
  • Graphic programming (OpenGL 1.x-4.x, Direct3D 9-11)
  • Other generic programming (I used C#, javascript, ruby and PHP in job)
  • Console exprience (Playstaion4, Playstaion3, PSVita, PSP, XBox One, XBox 360)
  • Unity3D (1+ year experience)

Additional Information


  • Japanese - Mother tongue
  • English - Basic

Other Sites

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