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Created January 22, 2024 17:13
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Visually test your NGINX rate limiting rules
package main
import (
const CSI = "\x1B["
type Printer struct {
w io.Writer
lines int
mu sync.Mutex
func NewPrinter(w io.Writer) *Printer {
return &Printer{w: w}
func (p *Printer) AddLine(content string) int {
fmt.Fprint(p.w, fmt.Sprintf("[%d] ", p.lines+1), content, "\n")
return p.lines - 1
func (p *Printer) PrintLine(line int, text string) {
dist := p.lines - line
fmt.Sprintf("%s%dF%s2K[%d] ", CSI, dist, CSI, line+1),
fmt.Sprintf("%s%dE", CSI, dist))
func statusColor(status int) string {
switch {
case status >= 500:
return fmt.Sprintf("\x1B[31m%d\x1B[0m", status)
case status >= 400:
return fmt.Sprintf("\x1B[33m%d\x1B[0m", status)
case status >= 300:
return fmt.Sprintf("\x1B[36m%d\x1B[0m", status)
case status >= 200:
return fmt.Sprintf("\x1B[32m%d\x1B[0m", status)
return fmt.Sprintf("%d", status)
func makeRequest(url string, timeBase time.Time, p *Printer, wg *sync.WaitGroup) {
defer wg.Done()
startTime := time.Now()
startTick := startTime.Sub(timeBase).Truncate(time.Millisecond)
lineNo := p.AddLine(fmt.Sprintf("Requesting [%s]", startTick))
resp, err := http.Get(url)
endTime := time.Now()
endTick := endTime.Sub(startTime).Truncate(time.Millisecond)
if errors.Is(err, io.EOF) {
resp = &http.Response{StatusCode: 444, Body: io.NopCloser(nil)}
} else if err != nil {
p.PrintLine(lineNo, fmt.Sprintf("Done [%s] [Error in %s: %v]", startTick, endTick, err))
p.PrintLine(lineNo, fmt.Sprintf("Done [%s] [%s in %s]", startTick, statusColor(resp.StatusCode), endTick))
func main() {
var (
interval time.Duration
count int
flag.DurationVar(&interval, "i", 100*time.Millisecond, "Interval between requests")
flag.IntVar(&count, "c", 10, "Number of requests")
if flag.NArg() != 1 {
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Usage: %s [options] <url>\nOptions:\n", os.Args[0])
url := flag.Arg(0)
p := NewPrinter(os.Stdout)
wg := new(sync.WaitGroup)
defer wg.Wait()
timeBase := time.Now()
for i := 0; i < count; i++ {
go makeRequest(url, timeBase, p, wg)
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