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Django/DRF File Uploading to S3
const notifyDjango = (url) => {
// Record the URL of the file you've uploaded along with any data
// that is relevent to you.
const uploadToS3 = (file, url) => {
// Upload the file here
// See as a great example of handling all S3 upload edge cases.
const getSignedUrl = (file) => {
const params = {
contentType: file.type
client.get('/s3/signed-url/', { params })
.then(data => {
uploadToS3(file, data).then(i => {
// if success, record the new URL
.catch(error => {
from botocore.exceptions import ParamValidationError
from django.http import JsonResponse
def get_signed_url(request, *args, **kwargs):
object_name = request.GET.get('objectName')
content_type = request.GET.get('contentType')
url = conn.generate_presigned_url(
'Bucket': settings.S3_UPLOAD_BUCKET,
'Key': object_name,
'ContentType': content_type,
'ACL': 'public-read',
return JsonResponse({'signedUrl': url})
except ParamValidationError:
return JsonResponse({'error': 'Invalid Input'}, status=400)

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Akohrr commented Dec 28, 2018

Thank you very much. I'll definitely try this out next time I have to deal with file uploads in django.

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