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Created January 31, 2020 20:17
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Override Google Backup and Sync performance upload issues
This overrides performance settings defined in site-packages/common/
Aren't default settings perfect? Default settings were not able to upload 200 000 files within 3 days.
There were some interruptions and the app had to re-verify everything from scratch.
Go to Contents/MacOS folder and execute
./Backup\ and\ Sync --max_batch_upload_files=300 --max_sha1_match_batch_size=500 --telemetry_enabled=0 --token_bucket_read_qps=30 --token_bucket_write_qps=20 --num_workers=10
max_batch_upload_files = Maximum number of files to include in a batch upload.
max_sha1_match_batch_size = Maximum number of sha1 match requests in a batch.
token_bucket_read_qps = Maximum number of reads operations per second
token_bucket_write_qps = Maximum number of write operations per second
num_workers = Number of worker threads.
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