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Trellinator Quick Start Projects Overview Demo
function setup()
var template = Board.create({name: "Project Template"});
var overview = Board.create({name: "Projects Overview"});
function createNewProjectBoard(notification)
var card = new Notification(notification).addedCard("To Do");
var trellinator = new Trellinator();
var new_board = trellinator.board("Project Template").copy(,"Projects"));
Trellinator.addBoardToGlobalCommandGroup(new_board,"Project Boards");
function cardStarted(notification)
var card = new Notification(notification).movedCard("Doing");
postCommentToOverviewCard(card.board(),"Started work on ";
function cardFinished(notification)
var card = new Notification(notification).movedCard("Done");
postCommentToOverviewCard(card.board(),"Finished work on ";
function postCommentToOverviewCard(board,comment)
new Trellinator().board("Projects Overview").cards().find(function(loop)
if(loop.boardsLinkedInAttachments().first().id() ==
return loop
return false
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