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WDC Promise Samples
<script src="es6-promise.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="wdc-sdk.js"></script>
<script src="your_wdc.js"></script>
var pageNumbers = [1, 2, 3],
allResults = [];
// Loop through all pages.
pageNumbers.forEach(function (page) {
$.getJSON('' + page, function (response) {
console.log('Later: Got data for page ' + page);
console.log('First: No data yet!');
$.getJSON('', function (response) {
// Executed later, once responds with data.
console.log('Second: Just got data!');
// Executed immediately, even before the API responds.
console.log('First: No data yet!');
// Return a Promise for the given URL.
var returnApiDataFor = function(url) {
return new Promise(function(fulfill, reject) {
// When the promise is invoked, send the request.
$.getJSON(url, function (response) {
// Fulfill the promise with data returned.
// Invoke the promise for a given URL.
// Once the promise is fulfilled...
.then(function (records) {
// Pass data to Tableau.
myConnector.getTableData = function(lastRecordToken) {
// If Tableau gave a page, use it. But default to 1.
var pageNumber = lastRecordToken ? lastRecordToken + 1 : 1;
// Load this page of data from the API.
$.getJSON('' + pageNumber, function (response) {
// Check if the current page is not the last page.
var hasMoreData = pageNumber < response.metadata.lastPage;
// Pass data and current page back to Tableau. If
// hasMoreData evaluated to TRUE, Tableau will call
// getTableData again using this pageNumber value.
tableau.dataCallback(response.records, pageNumber, hasMoreData);
// Use the same Promise return helper from above.
var returnApiDataFor = function(url) {
return new Promise(function(fulfill, reject) {
$.getJSON(url, function (response) {
// Define a helper to map a URL and page list to Promises.
var allPromisesFor = function(baseUrl, pages) {
// Map each page to a URL wrapped in a Promise to retrieve its data.
return {
return returnApiDataFor(baseUrl + '?page=' + pageNumber);
// Invoke all Promises for a given base URL and pages.
Promise.all(allPromisesFor('', [1, 2, 3])
// Once all promises are fulfilled...
.then(function (recordSet) {
var allRecords = [];
// Concatenate / union all page responses to a single array.
recordSet.forEach(function(records) {
allRecords = allRecords.concat(records);
// Pass the complete data set to Tableau.

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@WILLCL87 WILLCL87 commented May 14, 2021

Hi is there any more information on how this could be used in a complete example? Promises are already confusing enough, so i can't figure out how i would incorporate promises into a really basic WDC that works of the tableau examples. How exact would the my.connector.getData change when using promises, do you still keep the table structure?

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