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Script to get roswell installed on the build box -- it works on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows
#!/usr/bin/env sh
OS_WIN=$(uname -s | grep -e MSYS_NT)
if [ -n "$OS_WIN" ]; then
ROSWELL_IN_PATH=$(echo $PATH | grep -F /tmp/roswell)
if [ -z "$ROSWELL_IN_PATH" ] ; then
echo "/tmp/roswell not found \$PATH"
exit 1
echo "Downloading Roswell from: $ROSWELL_URL"
curl -L "$ROSWELL_URL" \
--output /tmp/
unzip -n /tmp/ -d /tmp/
# Run roswell's CI script, and since it will find `ros` already available
# in $PATH, it would not try to build it but instead will install the specified
# CL implementation + quicklisp
curl -L | sh
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