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Marcel Samyn iamarcel

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iamarcel / dialogflow-fulfillment.d.ts
Created Oct 9, 2019
Dialogflow Fulfillment Node.js Typescript declaration
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declare module 'dialogflow-fulfillment' {
import { DialogflowConversation } from 'actions-on-google';
import { Request, Response } from 'express';
export class Card extends RichResponse {
constructor(card: string | object);
public setButton(button: {
text: string,
url: string,
iamarcel / Rental Scam -
Last active Jul 22, 2017
How we almost got scammed finding a place to stay
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My sister was looking for a place to stay in Oslo because she's doing an Erasmus there and due to some miscommunications, the school hadn't provided housing for her. We almost fell victim to a sophisticated scam where our correspondent placed an attractive offer online and impersonated TripAdvisor in order to collect a "booking fee".

The Intro

After contacting the "owner", we got this response:

On 21 Jul 2017, at 15:58, Rosado Gomez <> wrote:
iamarcel / main.tex
Created May 21, 2017
UGent-style LaTeX
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/* Hide the stream */
#stream_pagelet {
display: none;
/* Hide the sidebar */
#rightCol {
display: none;
iamarcel / Structuring Neat .NET Core Command Line Apps
Created Sep 7, 2016
Structuring Neat .NET Core Command Line Apps Neatly
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iamarcel / Creating Neat .NET Core Command Line
Last active Feb 11, 2021
Creating Neat .NET Core Command Line Apps
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Creating Neat .NET Core Command Line Apps

You can now read this on my (pretty) website! Check it out here.

Every reason to get more HackerPoints™ is a good one, so today we're going to write a neat command line app in .NET Core! The Common library has a really cool package Microsoft.Extensions.CommandlineUtils to help us parse command line arguments and structure our app, but sadly it's undocumented.

No more! In this guide, we'll explore the package and write a really neat

iamarcel /
Last active Jun 21, 2016
Keybase Proof

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am iamarcel on github.
  • I am mrcl ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASAsA1z910v5UtCRosLwG3o0xTzfT-uKGVpyf19uaHjFwQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

iamarcel / gist:0ebfb1856249eceb928c
Created Apr 3, 2015
Awesome C completion with Vim
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" Hide concealed text unless it has a custom replacement character defined
set conceallevel=2
" Text can be concealed in visual, insert and normal modes
set concealcursor=vin
" Don't show preview scratch window, show the menu even if only one
" completion, autocomplete the longest in the menu
set completeopt=menu,menuone,longest
" Limit the number of completions
iamarcel / presentatie_kritiekjes
Created Dec 7, 2013
Die Marcel moet altijd zo'n lange dingen zchrijven èh!
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Ik ga even een beetje moeilijk doen, dus vergeef mij voor het gezaag (ik ben vrij gemotiveerd om van onze presentatie de beste te maken van iedereen, dus dan komt mijn perfectionistisch kantje naar boven :p—ik doe ook zo moeilijk voor mijzelf, als je je het afvroeg).
Enfin, volgens mij staat er echt nog veel te veel informatie op de presentatie; de PowerPoint moet een *ondersteuning* zijn van wat we zeggen, niet het vervangen. Nu vind ik dat het nog veel te veel lijkt op een samenvatting of handouts, wat we niet willen—het is de bedoeling dat het publiek naar *ons* kijkt, niet? Kijk naar een paar slides van Steve Jobs:
![Aankondiging iPhone - Slide 1][1]
![Aankondiging iPhone - Slide 2][2]
![Aankondiging iPhone - Slide 3][3]