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Use Discord Canary with OBS Virtual Cam
If you are on M1 // Apple Silicon and you want to use the native discord client, currently the only way to do this is to use Discord Canary. The performance increase is really good, much better battery life and you get access to KRISP. However, you are unable to use the OBS Virtual cam and if you follow instructions online to fix it, you will just end up having it crash every time you go to open it. This is because discord Canary Requires a code signature. This code signature doesnt have to be valid, but it has to be present.
How to Use Discord Canary with OBS Virtual Cam:
1. Open Terminal
2. Run the following:
sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/Discord\\ Canary\ Helper\ \(Renderer\).app
sudo codesign -s - /Applications/Discord\\ Canary\ Helper\ \(Renderer\).app
Now open Discord Canary and you should see your virtual cam. Press test video to ensure it works.
It works for me and i am on MacOS Monterey using a custom build of OBS compiled for M1.
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