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Created July 14, 2020 23:30
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class Greedy:
The constructor takes to parameters
:denominations -> ($20,$10,$5..etc)
:target -> amount to be given to Joseph
def __init__(self,deominations,target):
self.denominations = deominations = target
def start_greedy_algorithm(self):
dm = list() #Ashels starts with no denominations.
amt = 0 # sum of the denominations to be given to joseph
#Other variables
deno_index = 0
while(amt <=
using while loop because we do have an indefenite number of steps
if amt + self.denominations[deno_index] <=
amt += self.denominations[deno_index]
elif len(self.denominations) > deno_index+1:
return dm
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