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Which API do you prefer? Passing a function into the Ratio component or making a higher order component called Ratio you can use to configure a component.
<Ratio width={Ratio.OPTIONS.FLUID} x={3} y={4}>
{(width, height) => (
<Chart id={} width={width} height={height} />
const ConfiguredChart = Ratio(Chart, {
x: 3,
y: 4,
width: Ratio.OPTIONS.FLUID
<ConfiguredChart id={} />
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justgage commented Mar 6, 2017

I'm a little confused by this example so I'm going to try to port it to Elm.

are we creating a new Ratio component that we want to pass a configured chart?

ratio width x y ratioOptions children id = 
   --- implementation

-- children as function
view model = 
    ratio 2 4 Ratio.Options.Fluid [chart 1 12 43]
-- higher order "components" (really just function)
configuredChart id = 
    ratio 2 4 Ratio.Options.Fluid id

view model =

I'm not sure if this is a great translation. I'm not sure I ever ran into this problem in Elm.

What problem is this trying to solve?

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