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Created July 6, 2015 20:40
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Custom flag arguments with flag package in Go
package main
import (
type UrlFlag struct {
urls []*url.URL
func (arr *UrlFlag) Urls() []*url.URL {
return arr.urls
func (arr *UrlFlag) String() string {
return fmt.Sprint(arr.urls)
func (arr *UrlFlag) Set(value string) error {
if len(arr.urls) > 0 {
return fmt.Errorf("The url flag is already set")
urls := strings.Split(value, ",")
for _, item := range urls {
if parsedUrl, err := url.Parse(item); err != nil {
return err
} else {
arr.urls = append(arr.urls, parsedUrl)
return nil
func main() {
var arg UrlFlag
flag.Var(&arg, "url", "URL comma-separated list")
for _, item := range arg.Urls() {
fmt.Printf("scheme: %s url: %s path: %s\n", item.Scheme, item.Host, item.Path)
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