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PGN4 to PGN conversion
import argparse
import os
import re
import sys
import pyffish
SEIRAWAN_CASTLING = {'O-O': 'O-O', 'O-O-O': 'O-O-O', 'h1-e1': 'O-O', 'h8-e8': 'O-O', 'a1-e1': 'O-O-O', 'a8-e8': 'O-O-O'}
def coords(match, files, ranks):
return chr(ord( - (11 - files)) + str(int( - (11 - ranks))
def gating(match):
else + '/' +
def pgn4_to_pgn(pgn4, override_variant, files, ranks):
pgn4 = re.sub(r' .. ', ' ', pgn4)
pgn4 = re.sub(r'x[A-Z]([a-l][0-9]{1,2})', r'x\1', pgn4) # captures
pgn4 = re.sub(r'([a-l])([0-9]{1,2})', lambda x: coords(x, files, ranks), pgn4) # coords
pgn4 = re.sub(r'([^ ]*)&@[a-z]([A-Z])-([a-l][0-9]{1,2})', gating, pgn4) # gating
pgn = ''
variant = override_variant
start_fen = pyffish.start_fen(override_variant) if override_variant else None
for line in pgn4.splitlines():
if line.startswith('['):
moves = []
if line.startswith('[Variant'):
if line.startswith('[Site'):
if not override_variant:
variant ='variants\/([^/]*)', line).group(1).replace("-chess", "").replace('-', '')
if variant not in pyffish.variants():
raise Exception('Unsupported variant {}'.format(variant))
start_fen = pyffish.start_fen(variant)
line = '[Variant "{}"]'.format(variant.capitalize())
pgn += line + os.linesep
parts = line.split()
for i, move in enumerate(parts):
fen = pyffish.get_fen(variant, start_fen, moves)
legals = pyffish.legal_moves(variant, fen, [])
lan_legals = {pyffish.get_san(variant, fen, m, False, pyffish.NOTATION_LAN): m for m in legals}
if move[0].isdigit() or move in ('T', 'R', 'S'):
# fix weird game end markers
move = move.rstrip('S').replace('+#', '#')
if move in lan_legals:
parts[i] = pyffish.get_san(variant, fen, lan_legals[move], False, pyffish.NOTATION_SAN)
sys.stderr.write('Warning: Move {} not found\n'.format(move))
pgn += ' '.join(parts) + os.linesep
return pgn
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('pgn4', nargs='+')
parser.add_argument('--ranks', type=int, default=8)
parser.add_argument('--files', type=int, default=8)
parser.add_argument('--variant', choices=pyffish.variants())
args = parser.parse_args()
for pgn in args.pgn4:
with open(pgn) as f:
pgn4 =
pgn = pgn4_to_pgn(pgn4, args.variant, args.files, args.ranks)
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