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Created March 15, 2011 17:38
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Dumb-smart indentation for Yaml
" Vim indent file
" Language: Yaml
" Author: Ian Young
" Get it bundled for pathogen:
if exists("b:did_indent")
"runtime! indent/ruby.vim
"unlet! b:did_indent
let b:did_indent = 1
setlocal autoindent sw=2 et
setlocal indentexpr=GetYamlIndent()
setlocal indentkeys=o,O,*<Return>,!^F
function! GetYamlIndent()
let lnum = v:lnum - 1
if lnum == 0
return 0
let line = substitute(getline(lnum),'\s\+$','','')
let indent = indent(lnum)
let increase = indent + &sw
if line =~ ':$'
return increase
return indent
" vim:set sw=2:
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Thanks !

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that's amazing, thanks so much! :)

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Thanks for this. Helps a lot.

modified for "set sw=4" (personal preferences)

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heph commented Nov 5, 2021

Oh wow. Thanks for figuring this out. The default vim yaml indent was driving me nuts editing all these kubernetes configs!

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