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Created Apr 26, 2013
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Models a Stock for the purpose of this example.
package com.iankwalter.rhinostockexample;
* Models a Stock for the purpose of this example.
* @author Ian Kennington Walter
public class Stock {
Double netIncome;
Double totalDebt;
Double totalCash;
Double marketCap;
boolean isUndervalued;
public Double getNetIncome() {
return netIncome;
public void setNetIncome(Double netIncome) {
this.netIncome = netIncome;
public Double getTotalDebt() {
return totalDebt;
public void setTotalDebt(Double totalDebt) {
this.totalDebt = totalDebt;
public Double getTotalCash() {
return totalCash;
public void setTotalCash(Double totalCash) {
this.totalCash = totalCash;
public Double getMarketCap() {
return marketCap;
public void setMarketCap(Double marketCap) {
this.marketCap = marketCap;
public boolean isUndervalued() {
return isUndervalued;
public void setUndervalued(boolean undervalued) {
isUndervalued = undervalued;
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