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@ibdknox ibdknox/step4.clj

Created Jun 21, 2011
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;; add a value to the session
(defpage "/login" {}
(session/put! :admin true)
[:p "Are you loggedin? "]
[:p (session/get :admin)]))
;; set a cookie and get its value
(defpage "/cookie" []
(cookie/put! :noir "stuff")
(let [v (cookie/get :noir)]
[:p "You created a cookie:"]
[:p "Value " v])))
;; validate our math, if the first statement
;; is false, it fails validation and the error
;; is added for the given key.
(defpage "/validate" []
(vali/rule (= 3 3)
[:math "3 != 3"])
(vali/rule (= 1 2)
[:math "1 != 2"])
[:p "Let's check your math: "]
[:p (str (vali/get-errors :math))]))

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cldwalker commented May 4, 2012

for newbs, would help to define the proper the requires so the examples just work i.e. for the last example

(:require [noir.validation :as val])

I'd give you a pull request for the website but that's not really possible with gists

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